A new trend in modest, classic wedding dresses or have they been around for years?

I still get asked what I thought of Meghan Markle’s wedding dress. I loved it. It is right up my street, its my bag. That’s the kind of wedding dress design I like. Modest. Elegant. Timeless.

But it’s funny how lots of people who ask me don’t agree. Is it because they were expecting the fairy tale? The big princess dress with lace and embellishments? Perhaps they were imaging it would be a little more like Kate Middleton’s or more American in style? Maybe it was just a little too plain or perhaps a little too conservative?



For me the main reason why her dress was perfect is that a timeless classic dress will look amazing in years to come. Princess Diana’s dress is a great example of a wedding dress that follows the trends and I’m not sure how many people regard hers as a firm favourite.  Trends come and go and date badly.

wedding dress princess diana.jpg


A simple design doesn’t have to be boring. There are so many interesting style lines or cuts that can provide a contemporary twist, coupled with using the best quality fabrics the look and feel of the dress will speak for itself.

I love low back detailing and have a penchant for a spaghetti strap. Ok and perhaps a little bit of lace as who doesn’t love the magic that brings to any design? But fundamentally classic and modest can be beautiful, sexy and modern and will look great when you look at your wedding photos in years to come.